Wednesday, 11 March 2015


The isles of grease, the isles of grease!
Where yearning Duffy loved and sung,
Where grew the flabby and obese,
Where Tories rose, and Labour sprung!
The English breakfast fills them yet,
But all is undone, all is debt.

The mountains look on Cumbria –
And Cumbria looks on the sea;
And walking there an hour alone,
I dreamed that life might still be free;
For standing on old Wainwright’s grave,
I could not be a mere wage slave.

A queen sits on the shiny throne
Blanking out that horrible year;
Prince William on the new smartphone,
Sensing her Crown is very near!
He courted Kate in public glare –
Always The Sun is frank and fair!

Why choose AV ? Why choose PR?
Because the voiceless vote will count
Not only in the smokeless bar,
or when the kettling cops dismount;
Democracy must still improve -
It’s sweet to see the people move.

The X Factor, and easy fame,
Escaping from a dead-end job;
We’re burning the Olympic flame,
For winners, not the angry mob;
For what is left the person here?
So many lives are lived in fear.

Fill high the glass with alcopops!
Our women dance on spilt cold beer,
And breasts emerge from skimpy tops,
She’ll punch you if you call her: ‘Dear.’
Later, it’s all tears and vomit,
No dinner date – so far from it.

We’re victims of a subtle plan,
Far removed from natural law;
So obsessed with the hunting ban,
Or what the bloody butler saw.
A land of slaves we’ll never be -
Let’s raise the English cup of tea!

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I'm a poet based in Yorkshire, England, sharing a home with a Tibetan Terrier called Bertie who has little in common with the terrier breed, but does support a free Tibet ! (Words & Images Copyright: Maverick Heart, unless otherwise stated).