Tuesday, 7 April 2015



I           Giant ship sailing
towards the dream of Heaven;
waves of weathered tiles.

II         Golden banks swaying
to deafening spring trumpets;
        scented city walls.

III        Street that ran with blood –
now tourists tramp neat gutters,
snapping the Shambles.

IV         Ouse can’t be contained,
like the swords of mad Vikings;
flood of history.

V          Corroding statue,
council estate avenue;
Constantine the Great!

VI         Strolling snickelways –
paths through the palpable past
        - passage of the sole.

VII       Our explosive son –
we remember, remember;
bonfire and bangers.

VIII      Steam trains came puffing
to old station, then the new’s
monumental curve.

IX         Wind stirring cocoa -
drifting from the KitKat club;
chocolate city.

X          History of York
is history of England;
future of white rose.

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I'm a poet based in Yorkshire, England, sharing a home with a Tibetan Terrier called Bertie who has little in common with the terrier breed, but does support a free Tibet ! (Words & Images Copyright: Maverick Heart, unless otherwise stated).