Tuesday, 22 September 2015


The last days of summer 
picking berries from the hedge, 
and the morning dew 
soaking through our shoes; 

in the pie we could taste 
both warmth and rain, 
and imagine the fields 
- ever-changing views; 

now grass is cut low 
it’s easy to walk free 
on the smooth or stubble, 
first leaves from the gale; 

we heard a young man 
was lost at sea, 
saving some friends 
who never learned to sail; 

these nights are almost 
frosty, but we keep 
the heating off, it’s not 
long past September! 

and we’ve stacked 
no wood in the garage 
that might become 
tomorrow’s cheerful ember; 

life will seem more normal 
now the kids are back,
chained to their desks 
and struggling to spell 

talking very fast 
about wanting a Wii, 
and summer abroad 
on holidays from hell; 

the village will be 
silent through the day 
apart from playtime voices 
riding the autumn breeze 

it will be just 
the natural world 
- exquisite colours, 
before the big freeze. 

Note: Wii is an electronic gaming platform 

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I'm a poet based in Yorkshire, England, sharing a home with a Tibetan Terrier called Bertie who has little in common with the terrier breed, but does support a free Tibet ! (Words & Images Copyright: Maverick Heart, unless otherwise stated).